Faith Harbor Adult Care
Mission, Values and Our Story

Our Mission

Faith Harbor is dedicated to providing quality in home care for our seniors. Our primary goal is to maintain and enhance the quality of life and well-being of our residents by caring for the whole person.

Our Values

Faith Harbor is dedicated to creating a home-like environment keeping the residents' individual needs and preferences in consideration. We promote quality of life, celebrate individuality, value and preserve dignity, encourage independence and nurturing of the spirit. It is the responsibility of Faith Harbor to maintain the highest possible level of independence for each resident.

Our Story

Faith Harbor was founded by Vera Popova and her daughter Yelena Munzlinger.
Vera is a certified and experienced CNA and has been caring for the elderly for the past 14 years in different health care settings. She enjoys working with patients of all ages and backgrounds, and over the years has developed meaningful and lasting relationships with them and their families. Years of experience have taught her the importance of genuine care and advocacy for patients. Kind, patient, compassionate care is her trademark.

Yelena graduated from Hawaii Pacific University with a Bachelor's degree in Business Management and Marketing. She has embraced the value of caring for the elderly just as her mother has and enjoys gleaning from the wisdom and experience of the generations before her.

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